The spirit of encounters

Imagine a musical event that would resonate with the rich history of Mirecourt and that would have meaning in the French and more broadly European musical landscape. This is how the International Meetings of Mirecourt were born.

They propose to bring together musicians, luthiers and bow makers in an annual event, to honor French music of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and to discover and promote new talents.

They are divided into two events: an International Violin Competition and an International Classical Music Festival which alternate each year. Master Classes, Concerts, Conferences are all privileged moments to transmit and share.

Marianne Piketty, artistic director

Jean Pierre Bégel

The role of meetings

In Mirecourt, the JMF association is committed to the extent of its means to the promotion of culture and art. Associations, whatever may be said, have an important and decisive role to play in this area.

These Meetings are one of the facets, certainly one of the most important, but it is not the only one. We could of course in times of crisis ask ourselves the question of the relevance of such an event. I would say here that precisely the crisis reinforces the need to play our role in the matter of individual or collective creation. Let us not forget, for example, that Napoleon created the Comédie Française at the first light of the fire in Moscow.

These personal acts that are painting, sculpture, or more generally the graphic and plastic arts and music indeed contribute to the healthy and legitimate evolution and reflection of a society. Let us keep in mind that this personal relationship of an individual with music is not only that of the author with his work. It is also that of the music lover, the listener and the spectator with this production.

Jean-Pierre Bégel, President of the JMF of Mirecourt


  • Highlight the musical and heritage specificities or particularities of the Lorraine Region,
  • Develop a taste for musical and artistic activity and encourage young people to practice music and particularly that of bowed string instruments,
  • Promote young artists,
  • Encourage meetings between experienced musicians, young musicians, young luthiers and music-loving audiences,
  • Promote French music, lutherie and bow making,
  • To bring together the human, material and financial conditions for the organization of the International Meetings of Mirecourt placed under the artistic direction of Marianne Piketty.