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The Spirit of the Meetings

Marianne Piketty

 Let's imagine a musical festival which would interact with Mirecourt’s historical background and which would have a common sense in the French musical environment - and even more widely, at the European level. This was the original concept for these International Meetings of Mirecourt.

The aim is to gather on a yearly basis, musicians, violin- and bow-makers, as well as to celebrate French music of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and finally to discover and promote new talents.

These meetings are split into two great events in alternation each year: an international violin contest and a festival. Master classes, concerts and conferences are some of the outstanding moments which enable participants to transmit and share their knowledge and experience.

Marianne Piketty, Artistic Director 


The Sense of the Meetings

Martine JungThis project was designed for Mirecourt regarding it’s world knowed Heritage and where since the 18th century the most famous violin makers are originated from, where still today new generations of violin makers are trained and finaly due to it’s economic activity linked to both violin and bow making.

It was like an evidence that unique synergies could happen nowhere else than Mirecourt:

              • meetings between young instrument creators and those who wake them up when playing them,
              • connection of young violin making students with famous masters through the instruments carried by the virtuosi who are their gardiens,
              • union of the 4 essential et supplementary ingredients that are violin and bow makers, composers and musicians,
              • contacts between young musicians and virtuosi,…

Rare intimacy and unvaluable experience driven by these exchanges are the kind of things we wish to promote through the International Meetings of Mirecourt to enable anyone to grow thanks to close contacts with the others and to reinforce worldwide and through the ages the gleam of Mirecourt, place of exception.

 Martine Jung, President of the JMF Mirecourt

The Goals

  • Highlight the specific and original musical Heritage from Lorraine region,
  • Develop the musical and artistic taste and encourage the youth to play music and more specifically string instruments,
  • Promote young artists,
  • Foster meetings between confirmed musicians, young musicians, young violin makers and music lovers,
  • Promote french music, violin and bow manufacturing,
  • Gather human, material and financial resources needed to organize the International Meetings of Mirecourt under the artistic management of Marianne Piketty.